Coffee shop

2019 was a year where we worked with a team of people passionate about this project and of course “passionate about coffee”, where together with a commercial engineer and friend of the ministry we were developing the actual project of the coffee shop.

This year (2020) due to all the contingencies we have not been able to start with the store but, God willing, this 2021 we will be launching our cafeteria in the heart of Maipú, in the very center.


To see that our coffee shop is recognized not only for its good coffee, but also for the attention, the spirit, the treatment and the different way of managing a business.


To serve, bless and show God’s love, seeking the maximum wellbeing of our clients, focusing on their identity by calling each one by name. To offer excellent quality coffee and gain visibility through good marketing.

Do you work in this area, and want to serve God?

If you are passionate about this idea, if you feel you should be part of it, if this is what God is speaking to you, write to us, contact us and together we will see how you can be part of it, we are waiting for you.

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Proceso de aplicación


Apenas completes el PASO 1, un Staff de Jucum Urbano se contactará contigo.


1. Aplica en nuestro formulario online

2. Pide a un amigo que te recomiende

3. Pide a tu pastor/líder espiritual que te recomiende

4. Completa tu ficha médica

5. Te contactaremos para coordinar una entrevista (presencial u online). 

6. Una vez aceptado(a) recibirás un email con la información para tu llegada