As Paul talked and talked, a young man named Eutychus, who was sitting on the window ledge, became very sleepy. Finally he fell fast asleep and fell down from the third story and died. Paul came down, bent over him and took him in his arms. “Don’t worry-he told them-he is alive!”.

Hechos 20:9-10

La Fogata ministry is born from the heart of God through the need that many young people have been falling asleep in their lives as Christians. We know and at the same time we believe that there are many young people who are called by God, but as they continue to grow and live different processes “outside the church” they have moved away from the center of God’s will in their lives. God gave us this word that speaks about the young man named Eutychus, who tired of listening fell asleep, when he fell all those present think that he had died, however, Paul says that he is alive once he approached and took him in his arms. We want to be used as those arms to declare that young Christians are not dead, but fell asleep. We seek to generate an instance in which they can grow together with us in this ministry that has ‘The Bonfire’ as its symbol.



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