God called us to dive into the heart of the tattoo subculture to reach these people who are often feared, ignored or unreached. We believe that, as true disciples, we must live and influence every empty pulpit, every crevice of society where Jesus has not yet been found.

When our identity is established in Christ, we need not compromise the truth of the gospel, but let it be a testimony for all to see. Over the last year we have dedicated ourselves to training and training ourselves to immerse ourselves in this area, to reach out and prepare others to be true Salt and Light within this underworld.

During 2020 we will be opening our own tattoo studio, where the focus will be on evangelism, through counseling and discipleship. We are also preparing workshops and training seminars for those who have a calling in this area. If this resonates in your heart and you have a passion and a calling to reach out through this medium and are willing to learn, come and join us in one of our schools or even to get tattooed by one of our artists.

Do you work in this area, and want to serve God?

We invite you to write us and get in touch with us through the contact form, or through our social networks or whatsapp.

¿Estás interesado en hacer una EDE?

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Proceso de aplicación


Apenas completes el PASO 1, un Staff de Jucum Urbano se contactará contigo.


1. Aplica en nuestro formulario online

2. Pide a un amigo que te recomiende

3. Pide a tu pastor/líder espiritual que te recomiende

4. Completa tu ficha médica

5. Te contactaremos para coordinar una entrevista (presencial u online). 

6. Una vez aceptado(a) recibirás un email con la información para tu llegada